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Wax & Antique Chandelier

In the United States, efficiency is the key to success. Laborious jobs have become simplified with new technological advances and mass production of goods has made a lasting impact on the economy. However, the quality of goods is suffering drastically due to the increase in demands seen across the country. Although mass production has helped in distributing goods faster and increasing sales, where do we draw the line between productivity and ethics? 
Mass production is the face of the meat industry and has given wild success to hundreds of food chains including Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King, and many more. During the process of producing and distributing meats, unprincipled shortcuts have been taken along with unjust treatment of living animals. After carefully researching the meat industry, my goal is to send a message surrounding the cruelty of these animals.

I chose to use cows because of their individual personalities that similarly relate to humans. The purpose of coloring them red is to clearly identify these cows in the beginning preparations for slaughter and exposing the flesh. The variations of color symbolize the disease and deterioration of the cows. They are hung in a conveyor belt fashion to further identify with the final journey of their lives, which is the most excruciating, and inhumane moment. 

In contradiction the chandelier represents dining in at a restaurant and the thoughtless action of ordering a plate of food without any question of where the food actually comes from. It is also an example of where we are in the hierarchy of the food chain. The overpowering chandelier trumps the cows that hang below.

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