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As I grow older I constantly find myself reflecting upon different aspects from my childhood that have molded me into the person I am today. An enormous struggle I faced as a child was my shy personality and my intuitiveness to doubt my surroundings. I acknowledge these timid and hesitant qualities in my sculpture through the lamb’s body. The lamb represents innocence and uncertainty, relying on others for protection and constantly aware of its surroundings. Several characteristics of my personality derive from my childhood disposition, associating my childhood as the foundation or “body” of these particular traits. 

I have recognized these traits as being anxious, sensitive, and insecure at times. I have related these current personal qualities to the quick-footed nature of a rabbit. While most view this creature as sweet and cuddly, others simply see it as a pest. The rabbit, however, leaves nothing to chance and uses its speed to abandon any imposing situation. Relative to myself, my mind often makes assumptions and jumps to conclusions that are unlikely. As I get older, I become more aware of my rabbit tendencies and I try to convince myself to stop running, but that instinct will always be buried underneath it all.

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