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The idea behind this cynical baby goes back to the question of whether we are born good or if being good is something that we learn. When we compare this question to a shark, a born killer, the answer seems simple. Yet kids go through stages of acting out which most people dismiss as going through a phase. During these phases it is very important to discipline a child and teach them right from wrong. However, if children are not corrected for doing wrong, does this affect the how they act as they mature? 

The surrealism movement sparked my inspiration for this monster creation. Artists such as Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte are great examples of this movement that helped motivate the concept behind Shark Baby. With this creation I combined two subjects that are complete opposites from each other to form a species never before seen. Because surrealism is known for its dreamlike quality, I decided to challenge this idea by creating something directly out of a nightmare.

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