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In today’s society, the average person works around 40 hours a week or more depending on the line of work. In relationship to work, the average amount of sleep a person gets is close to 7 hours a night. The remaining time between work and sleep varies, but most of us scramble to get housework done, work out, spend time with family, etc. According to the Buddhist practice, we should use any moment of peace to meditate and free ourselves from the stresses we encounter. With that in mind I created a sculpture that would envelop one in thought and solitude. 
My concept behind the design of this chair was to be consumed in the chair and create a closer, more intimate relationship with the sculpture itself. When sitting in this chair the dark stain of the wood takes over one’s mind to rid the sitter of his or her troubles and stresses if only for a moment. I used triangles to evoke a more aesthetically pleasing geometric sculpture and give it the look of a modern piece of artwork. I worked with larger scale to invite and entice the audience to sit in the chair. Creating a place of total solitude that even Buddha himself would want to sit in.

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