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BFA thesis series, 2018


stoneware, Mixed Media

Speak No Evil

Artist Statement

The purpose of this sculptural installation, Speak No Evil, is to provide a visual narrative of these silenced voices that represent just a small fraction of the animals in this unjust operation. These piglets remain in a constant state of fear and suffering, forced to surrender while their tails are docked without any pain suppressors or anesthetic. To add to this abrasive medical procedure, the piglets are restricted by straps, preventing them from defending themselves, as their natural instincts would tell them to do. In this scenario, we may not see the forces that have created these restrictions for the pigs, but we can get an idea based on the bloody gloves and tools left behind on the table.

I have animated the expression on the piglets’ faces relating them to the animal-human hybrids to evoke an emotional reaction from the audience. Since many people view humans as superior to animals, as if animals function only to benefit us, I found it important to contrast this perception by anthropomorphizing the animals. This gesture creates an intimate connection with the animal that would not be there otherwise. This perspective also emphasizes an aspect of vegetarian ecofeminism, which views humans and nature as interconnected, therefore eliminating a barrier between humans and animals.

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